What Happens in Therapy?

What Happens in Therapy?

behavioral therapy for children with anxietyAt first, the therapist will see you and your kid to talk. They will listen and ask questions. This helps the therapist learn more about your child and the problem. The therapist will show you how they can help.


Talking is a good way to state feelings. When kids put emotions into words instead of doing, they can act healthiest. When someone put attention and knows how they feel, kids are more ready to learn.

Do activities.

Therapists use activities to educate about coping skills and feelings. They may have kids play or draw as a way to learn. They may teach calm breathing and mindfulness as a way to decrease stress.

Practice new skills.

behavioral therapy for children with addTherapists guide kids to follow what they learn. They might play games where kids use self-control, is required to wait their turn, follow directions, be patient, share, listen, try again, or deal with failing.

Solve problems.

With older teens and kids, therapists ask how issues affect them at school or at home.